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      Non Woven Box Bags

      Non-woven box bags, at once, are associable with a number of benefits including high tensile strength, versatility and practicality.? Compared to woven bags, non-woven polypropylene (PP) box bags are less labor-intensive – and as such more cost-efficient options as well.

      Jyoti brings to you a reliable range of PP spunbond nonwoven box bags crafted through thermal bonding. Besides the aforementioned attributes, our bags have consistently demonstrated the following benefits:

      • Air permeability
      • High tensile strength
      • Lightweight
      • Antibacterial (bags made available as per client requirements)
      • Easy printing facilities
      • Color fastness
      • Caters to diverse needs
      • Easy to dispose

      Since our inception, our dynamic zealous team of workers has demonstrated exemplary commitment to the enduring sustainable ethos. Our non-woven bags are used for myriad purposes:

      • Bulk packaging of Rice Seeds Fertilizers, Coffee, Tea And Pulses Etc
      • Gloves
      • Shopping Bags
      • Backpacks
      • Others

      Sizes Available

      We also customize bag sizes as per custom requirements.

      Contact Us


      173 Mahatma Gandhi Road Kolkata - 700007


      Lokesh Chowdhury: 9836063539

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