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      Shopping Bags

      We continue our quest for quality, durability and performance by investing in advanced machinery and improved skills. The latest addition to our arsenal is a state of the art machine, capable of producing BOPP Laminated Non Woven Shopping and Gifting Bags and customizing designs as per client specifications. We already have excellent R&D facilities in place. The aforementioned addition, we believe, will spearhead our global presence in the near future.

      Our ancestral business is unmistakably synonymous with a string of corporate virtues including client-centricity, precision-driven governance, integrity and innovation.

      In comparision to general stiching bags available in market our shopping bags have following advantages:

      • Higher visibility of brand due to very high and precision quality of printing.
      • Very cost effective.
      • Reusable bags as its made of more than 300 microns.
      • Can carry upto 15 kgs of weight.

      Sizes Available

      We also customize bag sizes as per custom requirements.

      Contact Us


      173 Mahatma Gandhi Road Kolkata - 700007


      Lokesh Chowdhury: 9836063539

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